My Story

I am passionate about Data. I find open-ended data exploration and unique adaptations for Machine Learning deeply gratifying. I love solving puzzles and making plans. When I unravel a nebulous tangle of data, I'm filled with curiosity of what I might find and I'm intrigued by little problems as they arise. Every day I discover new tools and techniques to wrangle data more effectively, to see things from a fresh perspective, and to apply what I know about data in creative ways.

What Led up to specializing in data

Before I began perusing a career Data Science, I was primarily a math and technology instructor specializing in blended learning curriculum. For six years, I worked for high ranking schools that focused on integrating technology into their classrooms and making data-informed decisions. In the final year before enrolling in a Data Science program, I took a reduction in pay to step into a leadership role at an inner city school. In one year, I developed a dropout intervention program with blended learning curriculum, coordinated a school-wide tutoring program, acted as the district testing coordinator, coordinated curriculum for a teen moms program, and developed an academic program for a safe-house rehabilitation program for victims of human trafficking.

As an educator, I have often found myself in meaningful conversations with students about how to discover and pursue dreams. After years of student advising and honest reflection, I have come to understand that opportunities for creativity and self-expression come most readily when I actively develop the skills I find most satisfying. In short, if I want to enjoy what I do, I have to take time to practice what I enjoy doing.